Whether large or startup, even successful businesses hit growth plateaus! This is typically when the Board replaces the CEO!


Governing factors such as core business initiatives, team make up and evolving market forces will limit and render stagnant both big and small businesses. Start ups in particular remain unaware of or unable to leverage growth strategies.


Our Methods: At Novus Laurus, we bring to bear both organic and inorganic growth strategies to blast businesses past sticking points. By evolving business strategems in partnership with our customers as well as leading and implementing key initiatives, we lead our clients past their growth plateus! Our simple methodology entails
  • understanding and prioritizing revenue mechanisms,
  • analysing, correcting and streamlining core production, marketing and sales business processes that drive these revenue streams,
  • recruiting and motivating key personnel,
  • augmenting client teams as required.

When warranted Novus Laurus shortlists and conducts diligence on acquisition candidates for inorganic growth via complementary product/service or book of business mechanisms.


Successes: Novus Laurus has successfully identified bottlenecks and implemented both process and technology measures to ease them at large, small, B2B and B2C businesses. Clients include Oxygen USA, Innovation Women, PKAInsurance, Tumblehome Books, New England Reptile Distributors and non profits like Science Club For Girls, FintechWomenUSA. Our consulting teams specialize in everything from Production, Marketing and Sales Methodologies, eCommerce, Digital, Data Analytics to Revenue Optimization, and Mergers and Acquisitions. We provide strategy as well as implementation support to our customers.


Innovating Business Strategy: Lastly, Novus Laurus consistently innovates business thinking based on deep experience as Investor and Board Member with ideas like the “Minimum Viable Business”, how to find “Low CAC, High CLV Customers”, and characteristics of Innovation that can get above competition! We provide this thought leadership as webinars and blog articles to the entrepreneurial community.

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