Are you a food, tech or fashion business? Have you conceived an innovative idea and achieved business traction? Is your sales cycle clear and repeatable? Are you going to change the world? Are you ready to scale?
We at Novus Laurus love to help great young businesses in whatever way we can. We typically start with conversations and advice that sometimes turns into us partnering and investing in our advisees.
While our passions are for technology, food and fashion we are always on the lookout for interesting ideas. And for the right people and ideas we will partner with everything from business and digital strategy to bringing to bear our sales network and investments for equity.
Please call us if you think you have good answers to the above questions.


Investing in Gender Diversity: Innovation Women

Gender Diversity in the work force is one of the key levers to making the world a more equitable place. Innovation Women is a platform to provide women professionals with great visibility and opportunity via

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Independent Film: The Groundskeeper

Film makers wield enormous influence over perception and understanding of the human condition and the progress that can result. Independent film makers more than commercial film studios wear this responsibility with pride. Novus Laurus

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Independent Film: Maybe Now

As a first venture into independent film Novus Laurus was a producer for MTown Films production “Maybe Now” – the story of a fighter who is embattled for love. This movie is due on the Film Festival circuit and for distribution shortly.

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Strategy For Vermont Signature Sauces

Vermont Signature Sauces (VSS) is a start up specialty foods company that makes high end gourmet sauces. These rich wine based sauces can be used with minimum effort to elevate regular dishes to gourmet excellence. Novus Laurus

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