Novus Laurus brings together a team that is culturally and gender diverse. Multi ethnic and polyglot members of the team bring deep and eclectic industry proven expertise to business, tech and investment consulting work!


Jagathi brings deep experience in taking innovative technologies to high growth global markets. With a track record building diverse and sought-after teams Jagathi materializes the vision of delivering consistent customer value while increasing revenue and margins.

With a current focus on technologies for Financial Services (FinTech), Jagathi leads companies through the complexity of ensuring transparency and security in the era of big data and evolving regulations. Most recently Jagathi was COO at WegoWise, a mission-drivien data analytics SaaS provider. At WegoWise she defined a market expansion strategy, taking the product suite to Financial Services. She also structured operations for scale and capacity aimed at top-line growth and double-bottom line performance.

As a Member of the Board at The Boston Club, Jagathi is responsible for creating partnerships with organizations for strategic growth and value.

Previously, Jagathi steered the standardization of product delivery across a $50M revenue stream and 1000- member global team at Thomson Reuters. She significantly enhanced the customer experience for market leading customers in APAC, EMEA and the Americas. Joining Thomson Reuters in 2013, she led global services delivery for the regulatory technology (RegTech) solutions.

Jagathi’s career began in Hong Kong with STAR TV, a subsidiary of News Corp. Subsequent career moves have taken her through Asia, Europe and across the United States.

Jagathi earned an MBA at Hofstra University, and Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Mumbai. She believes in the value of early childhood exposure to STEM and other knowledge, and is a Board Advisor to Cultured Kids. She mentors emerging leaders independently and though professional associations.


Rajkumari Swamy directs operations for Novus Laurus portfolio companies and investees. She plans, monitors and executes revenue mechanisms at Startup companies towards building scale. As necessary she works with sales, marketing, production and technologists to achieve growth goals. Previously, she worked for The Marg Foundation, publisher of books and magazines in Indian and related art and culture as Manager – Data Processing. She managed authors, compiled material (text and images) from authors/contributors to meet publication timelines of their quarterly books and magazines. She also set up and managed the technology for recording accounting transactions at The Marg. She holds an MBA from ICFAI, Hyderabad and Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Mumbai University.


Rhoda handles finance and accounting for Novus Laurus. With deep experience in account methodologies, invoicing, payments and bank transactions, Rhoda handles finance operations for Novus Laurus. She also provides her experise and guidance on accounting to Novus Laurus portfolio of invesments.


Patricia is a research and content specialist. At Novus Laurus she is responsible for market research, lead generation, website content, social media outreach, email outreach, webinar content and core operations on a daily basis. She also supports Novus Laurus portfolio companies with her expertise in these areas.

> Kalyani Kumar Swamy

Kalyani Kumar Swamy is a video content and marketing specialist. At Novus Laurus, he co-owns interactive video and infographics for two sub-units NLCultural and NLSpeakerConnect along with digital marketing efforts for Novus clients. Kumar is a Sociology graduate from Mumbai University and has also worked as a marketing executive for Greenland Graphics (Dubai) previously.

> Kala Chandran

Kala Chandran is responsible for digital infrastructure. At Novus Laurus, she is responsible for digital infrastructure and applications for internal and external clients. Having around 10 years of experience as an IT expert, She had also worked as an Assistant Professor for a Bachelor of Computer Science students in India.  She holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science from Mumbai University.


Chetan handles design for Novus Laurus, clients and investees. With a focus on customer insight driven design, Chetan provides design options for logos, websites, brochures and email templates.