What we do

Today’s Business Outcomes are driven by sound Strategy, good repeatable Business Practices, and Financial Backing. We support and guide our customers’ businesses on these key aspects. Our focus is on understanding individual businesses, their leaders, and their objectives with a view to helping them accomplish their growth objectives in both the short and the long term. We do this in the following important areas:


1. Growth Via Strategy and Operational Consult
Revenue is a primary measure of business success. When we help your business, we start by analyzing potential revenue mechanisms and then prioritizing and optimizing those mechanisms in discussion with you. We also help you incorporate carefully orchestrated and easy to execute Business Processes that allow Repeatable Sales Cycles bearing reasonable Margins to be established. Lastly, we provide strategic business plans for the adoption and scaling of those sales cycles along with the operations and financial planning required to drive growth! Read more …


2. Digital – Strategy, Outcomes and Revenue
Success in today’s world is driven by Digital Strategy: whether your business can be easily found on the web or via a mobile device, whether your digital infrastructure allows you to facilitate your customer’s objectives along the full Customer Life Cycle. We combine industry specific customer insight with customer focused design, technology strategy and best practices to engage your customers’ intent and maximize web, mobile and in store outcomes and revenue. Read more …


3. Investment Support
Some of our customers have been so impressed with us that they invited us to partner with them. Over the last 4 years Novus Laurus has started Investing in Start ups. We provide early stage financing for entrepreneurs in technology, food, fashion and film. In particular, Startups focused on
  • driving Diversity,
  • creating Job Platforms for those pushed out by Automation, and
  • culture change and education via entertainment
draw our attention. When appropriate we will accept equity for service and even invest in kind with businesses that are compelling! Read more …