Marketing Technology & Customer Lifecyle Personalization For Lowes

Lowes is a $70B Home Improvement company. Much like any other large Brand, due to lagging support from Lowes Technology and IT, the Marketing had independently bought into technology platforms for everything from DSPs, to Customer Data Onboarding, to Content Creation and Management, to Data Capture and Analysis, to Loyalty Management. Integrations between these different platforms were non existent and the Marketing Ops team manually and repeated bridged flow of data and content. On being asked to consolidate and rationalize technologies used by the Marketing team, Lowes’ eCommerce team invited Novus Laurus to consult and help specify core functionality and platform for a Marketing Technology stack that could be seamlessly connected to Digital and eCommerce efforts.


Novus Laurus interviewed the Marketing Strategy, Media, Creative and Operations teams to list and catalog the full set of softwares and platforms being used. Further Novus Laurus, drafted a streamlined Data, Content and Personalization Future State for Lowes to meet both Marketing needs as well as integrate seamlessly with other Digital initiatives such as eCommerce. Lastly, Novus Laurus compared multiple Marketing Tech Stacks provided by Google, Oracle, Adobe, Salesforce to identify best possible software platform for Lowes.



Personalization was only possible previously at Lowes at the Ad campaign level. With the new strategy provided for Personalization by Novus Laurus, Lowes will be able to Personalize Customer Experience along the full Customer Lifecycle including post transaction communications.