Author: Pradeep aradhya

06 Apr The Chief Digital Officer is strategically incredibly important but very badly supported role. Here are critical measures to empower them for Digital Transformation

Digital technologies have changed the landscape of customer experience and operational efficiency and created the need for digital transformation (DX). In order to keep up with the pace of business, customer demand and market conditions, the role of chief digital officer (CDO) has been created....

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06 Apr Who owns the biggest opportunity in marketing with AI? What can you do to action any customers complete context in the most appropriate manner? How do you stage AI development to achieve this?

Today’s customers interact with products or brands at various stages, from brand awareness to comparison to purchase to product support and loyalty. Most marketers are focused on awareness and maybe a little on experience during comparison and loyalty. They rarely get deeper, either because they...

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09 Dec Strategy For #FutureProof Company: No Products To Own — Services Only

Business and markets play out of the hands of large companies for two simple reasons: reinvention of business models and ever changing customer expectations. Apple’s touch interface destroyed Blackberry, digital photography destroyed film photography, and finally automation and outsourcing destroyed entire townships. So is #futureproof...

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