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The Cows With Too Much Hair

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The Cows With Too Much Hair: Empathy is core social and emotional learning step for kids. (Animal Picture Books With Social & Emotional Learning Book 1)

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While driving through the Canadian countryside, Pradeep came upon a farm… and lots of “mooing”. Looking over a fence revealed these beautiful Highland Cattle in a pen. A moment later when the farmer released them, the cattle made a mad rush to their meadow where they kicked up their legs and gambolled in high spirits. This books comes from the inability to resist their luxuriant hair and hindered spirits. The hair like many a child’s or loved one’s abilities are both endearing and a  limitation. How can a parent respond but with fierce protection?

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Ebook, Paperback

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Pradeep Aradhya


Empathy and Inclusivity


Highland Cattle


Ferme Mille Fleurs

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for The Cows With Too Much Hair

  1. Kalyanikumar Swamy

    My kid found “The Cows with too much hair” very interesting and was very curious to know how they could see and go around with long hairs blocking their sights. She liked Aglaya and her friends who all  have long pretty hair.

  2. Rai

    The Cows with too much hair book tells a story that same with my kids, children reflects that we should love and care for each other because we are all created by God differently in our own unique ways just like our kids. We meet someone new anytime or anywhere that is why being kind cost nothing because it is free to treat everyone with kindness, not just because they are nice, but because you are and we all should be. Even if Aglaya and her friends are some kind of beautiful cows with their pretty hair,beautiful inside is also a must behavior.

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