Why Banaz The Baboon Is Not Afraid To Fail

08 Feb Why Banaz The Baboon Is Not Afraid To Fail

Young Banaz the baboon braves the laughter of those around her as she tries to climb a slippery tree. She is scared of the climb and of her own failure, but finally frees herself from both and learns to …fly! As very young children we fail all the time and learn from it and develop our skills. However at some age young children get very conscious … of themselves, their peers, their observers and their success or failure. So much so that they refuse to try for fear of failure. In the child’s world and more importantly in the adult world, fear of failure stops many. Failure is not about shame. It is about learning and one should never think of it as anything else. We should relish, enjoy and celebrate the confidence failure gives us. See how Banaz does it.


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