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21 Jan The Dancing Turkeys

Pradeep came upon these Turkey birds at feeding time.  They were all excited and trying to find the best position as the feed was being laid out.  Their identical looks, calls and finally their gentle positioning so that everyone got fed was lovely to watch. ...

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06 Jan Monkey Fight

These inquisitive high energy monkeys epitomize all things children.  They like to play, are self centered, and constantly playing.  It was great fun to watch their energy and quarrelsome play slowly settled down to grooming and caring for each other.  What a lovely story to...

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09 Dec Strategy For #FutureProof Company: No Products To Own — Services Only

Business and markets play out of the hands of large companies for two simple reasons: reinvention of business models and ever changing customer expectations. Apple’s touch interface destroyed Blackberry, digital photography destroyed film photography, and finally automation and outsourcing destroyed entire townships. So is #futureproof...

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