Chago the Bored Cheetah

02 Sep Chago the Bored Cheetah

It is funny to think a fast Cheetah might be bored.  They do yawn a lot.  Everyone has heard that familiar refrain “I am bored”.  Something as simple as a walk can be a good way to deal with boredom.  Cheetahs walk a lot!


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  • Elizabeth Collins
    Posted at 11:13h, 24 September Reply

    While I was reading the book to my students they asked why cheetahs run so fast. I answered that it IS because of their powerful legs that can go at high speeds. One of them said that they were like the Flash. Until one of them asked, why they get to bore if there’s a lot to do in Africa? Why can’t they roam the whole place and play instead since they were so fast after all? I love this book since they awaken the child’s curiosity about finding a solution to every problem that they encountered.

  • Kalyanikumar Swamy
    Posted at 15:00h, 24 September Reply

    My kid was wondering why Chago, his sister Chepi and brother Chumi are not playing with each other, rather looking here and there to do something. Even though they are young, strong and can run really fast, they seem to be bored doing nothing.

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