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Chago The Bored Cheetah

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Chago The Bored Cheetah: ‘I am bored’ and how to get kids to find solutions (Animal Picture Books With Social & Emotional Learning Book 1)

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It is funny to think a fast Cheetah might be bored.  They do yawn a lot.  Everyone has heard that familiar refrain “I am bored”.  Something as simple as a walk can be a good way to deal with boredom.  Cheetahs walk a lot!



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Ebook, Paperback

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Pradeep Aradhya


Boredom and Activity




Roger Williams Zoo

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Chago The Bored Cheetah

  1. Rajkumari

    The use of pictures in this book to tell a story creates story sense and sparks imagination of children. This book encourages children to find their own solution to problems.

  2. Rai

    My kid likes the book Chago The Bored Cheetah because it is a match with how kids act. Children are busy playing but they can be bored sometimes. Who would have taught Chago with his sister Chepi and brother Chumi can be bored,too? However,there are lots of reasons not to live life as boring as they think. Be open to new possibilities and adventures in life or even think out of the box. No matter how many problems or worries we’d possibly get, life should not be boring. We should get up, ride the tide and enjoy every opportunities we could be and what we could do. Scientific name Acinonyx jubatus also known as Cheetah is a large cat that could run as fast as 100 – 120 km/h.

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