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The Silly Snow Leopards

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The Silly Snow Leopards: See how cuddly young Snow Leopards like to play and be silly but also listen to Mama when they should! (Animal Picture Books With Social & Emotional Learning Book 1)

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Nothing touches one’s heart like big pluffy cats playing! These beautiful endangered snow leopards were both playful and obedient to their mother. They made excellent examples for young kids on when to have fun and when to quickly obey a parent.


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Ebook, Paperback

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Pradeep Aradhya


Safety, Compliance vs Defiance


Snow Leopards, Himalayan Brown Bear


Stone Zoo, Roger Williams Zoo

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for The Silly Snow Leopards

  1. Elizabeth Collins

    After reading this book to my kids they all want to take home a baby leopard simply because of their smooth and fluppy hair. They even asked if all leopards and cats are obedient to their mother. I love this book since it simply awaken’s every child’s attitude on being caring and obedient at a very young age.

  2. Rajkumari

    The pictures are so beautiful. Though we all are scared of big cats they look so cute here. Children immediately fall in love with them and a wonderful way to teach them to be obedient from early age.

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