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The Parrot with Blue Feathers

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The Parrot With Blue Feathers: Pia the parrot makes a pretty blue friend. Your child will learn about a rare parrot and colorful parrot as well as a way … with Social and Emotional Learning Book 1)

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On a visit to the zoo, these brilliant blue parrots were animated, self possessed and very cute. Their bond and combined energy were undeniable. Only youth and innocence can sustain such happy togetherness. Lets wish all little ones a beautiful friendship.

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Ebook, Paperback

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Pradeep Aradhya


Friendship and Fun


Hyacinth Macaw


Roger Williams Zoo

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1 review for The Parrot with Blue Feathers

  1. Rajkumari

    Hyacinth macaws are the most gentle, loving, and affectionate parrot species. The beautiful pictures in this book encourages us to protect the environment and preserve the planet for our children. The author’s use of these beautiful pictures to tell stories promotes participation and imagination of children.

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