The Cows with Too Much Hair

02 Sep The Cows with Too Much Hair

While driving through the Canadian countryside, Pradeep came upon a farm… and lots of “mooing”. Looking over a fence revealed these beautiful Highland Cattle in a pen. A moment later when the farmer released them, the cattle made a mad rush to their meadow where they kicked up their legs and gambolled in high spirits. This books comes from the inability to resist their luxuriant hair and hindered spirits. The hair like many a child’s or loved one’s abilities are both endearing and a  limitation. How can a parent respond but with fierce protection?


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  • Elizabeth Collins
    Posted at 11:49h, 24 September Reply

    My kids are so curious and eager to know how the cows wash their hair. They asked if it’s possible to cut their hair so they can see clearly or if a hairstylist can go and fix it for them. They even wondered if they have lice and if they can scratch each other with their horns and if we could make a salon specifically for the cows. Much recommended book if you want your children to learn about empathy and concern towards other people.

  • Rajkumari
    Posted at 13:37h, 25 September Reply

    These cows are so cute! My daughter loves them. When my daughter refuses to share her toys I remind her of Aglaya. She now shows kindness to others.

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