The Parrot with Blue Feathers

02 Sep The Parrot with Blue Feathers

On a visit to the zoo, these brilliant blue parrots were animated, self possessed and very cute. Their bond and combined energy were undeniable. Only youth and innocence can sustain such happy togetherness. Lets wish all little ones a beautiful friendship.


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  • Elizabeth Collins
    Posted at 11:47h, 24 September Reply

    The first thing my children said after seeing Pia was that she looks like the bird from Rio, the animated movie. Then they went ahead and asked me if we can buy that type of bird, then my middle child explained that it is hard to find a bird like Pia. My youngest child asked me about why they live alone, I said that their species are so rare to be found in these parts. A great book to explain about rare and endangered animal specie.

  • Kalyanikumar Swamy
    Posted at 15:03h, 24 September Reply

    Since my kids favourite bird is the parrot, she was super excited to see and read about “The Parrot with Blue Feathers”. She could not take her eyes off the beautiful feathers and wants to see the Parrot live one day. After reading that there are very few such parrots and most often they live alone, my kid got very unhappy.

  • Rai
    Posted at 05:57h, 21 October Reply

    Such a charming book and my kids were amazed with curiosity that my children wanted to visit them in person on how they really are good-looking and good-character in person. Pia, a good for the eyes blue-colored feathers is indeed a beautiful parrot, but mesmerizingly nothing is prettier than beautiful deep down our soul. Parrots can fly anywhere they can therefore they should learn and maintain good treatment on how to adjust to its new surroundings they will be or even to anyone they would meet. 

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