The Silly Snow Leopards

13 Sep The Silly Snow Leopards

Nothing touches one’s heart like big pluffy cats playing! These beautiful endangered snow leopards were both playful and obedient to their mother. They made excellent examples for young kids on when to have fun and when to quickly obey a parent.

  • Kalyanikumar Swamy
    Posted at 15:34h, 25 September Reply

    It’s a treat to watch the endangered snow leopard. Here we have two silly snow leopards Sebastien & his younger sister Sonya always sticking out their tongue, whereas their mother Samara constantly watching on them for any danger. It is very heart warming to see samara, so caring and always worried about their safety.

  • Rai
    Posted at 06:01h, 21 October Reply

    My kid likes the book The silly snow leopards because just like my children, they are silly sometimes as they could be since they are just kids and growing. We adults has the silly side of us sometimes,too. because being silly doesn’t mean to be intellectually weak but it could also be good in a manner of physically active, energetic and could cope up with anything difficult in a mental effort just like the snow leopard siblings, Sebastien and Sonya. They are both young and more likely to be silly that both will stick their tongue out.  Sonyaas Sebastien’s younger sister is as silly as Sev. Just like children in the world, they are cute, energetic and silly as it comes along the way of living and sooner, they will grow up just like Sebastien and Sonya’s mother, Mama Samara that would be on top to carefully watch her children to know that they are safe.

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